Finance logoBimputh Finance PLC was incorporated under Companies Act No. 7 of 2007, and licensed under Finance Business Act No. 42 of 2011, and Finance Leasing Act No. 56 of 2000. The Company is engaged in mobilizing deposits, granting loans and advances lease financing, hire purchase financing, vehicle trading and other financial services authorized to be carried out by Licensed Finance Companies. The Company is also authorized by the Controller of Exchange of Central Bank of Sri Lanka to engage in Money Changing Business.

The Company was listed at Colombo Stock Exchange in June 2011, as required by Central Bank of Sri Lanka and Rated BB by RAM Ratings (Lanka) Ltd. in February 2011. Rating was reaffirmed in December 2011.

The prime objective in setting up the Company was to uplift the living standard of the low income house-holds in Ampara and Moneragala districts who, being denied access to established financial institutions for their meager credit needs for agriculture and self employment projects etc were exploited by the village money lenders who were charging anything from 10% to 25% per month, by providing credit at affordable rates.

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Our Service

Money Changing Business

The Company was approved as an Authorized Money Changer by the Controller of Exchange of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka in May 2011. This business was set up mainly for the benefit of pilgrims to Dambadiva.

Lease Financing

The Company continued to direct it’s resources for the benefit of the farmers in Ampara and Moneragala districts, instead of channeling them to vehicle leasing which obviously brings in a much better return.


During the year under review total customer deposits increased to Rs. 373 Mn or by 92% from 194.5 Mn.This compares well with the Rs.73.6 Mn or 61% growth achieved during the previous year. The deposit base reveals Rs.107 Mn.

Gold Loan

A credit facility that can be obtained to meet urgent cash requirements by pledging your gold jewellery, gold biscuits or gold coins. Bimputh Finance’s gold loan service offers you speedy, reliable and confidential service, coupled with a hassle-free operation and upmost security for your gold.

Micro Finance

Micro Finance is the new product which is going to be the core product of our product portfolio. Most of the low income people lack access to basic financial facilities. Hence the challenge of providing financial services to them still remains. Incremental access to finance among the low income population would contribute towards income generation activities and thereby improve savings habit as well as their living standards. Further, “the micro finance services, help people fight poverty, in the from of financial services directed specifically towards poverty reduction, enabling the poor to build assets, increase their income and reduce their vulnerability to economic stress. As a result the poor can improve their living conditions, while taking an active role in economic activities. Micro Finance is invariably the best financially viable product available in the Sri Lankan finance product portfolio.

ATM Service

Only Finance Company in Sri Lanka which runs it’s own ATM network Island wide.

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