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Daya group consists of more than 40 fully diversified member companies covering almost all business areas. The group was originated from Daya Construction Company (Pvt) established in 1984 by the Founder Chairman Mr. Daya Gamage.

The diversification of business is  the main tool of the group in maintaining sustainability as the  group can  enhance its operations in more lucrative businesses. The excellent liaison and the confidence established with all stakeholders by the committed, skilled and highly capable employees of the group will ensure its sustainability for many decades.


Dayasarana Development Foundation

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To be the best institution for developing the younger generation in Sri Lanka.



Educate, develop and groom the younger generation to take up leadership positions and become good citizens in Sri Lanka. Dayasarana Development Foundation (DDF) was inaugurated in the year 2004 with the objective of providing financial assistance to all employees of Daya Group and their families when faced with sudden situations of falling ill and instances of natural disasters.

The foundation over the years, has conducted a number of projects with the guidance of the president of the foundation and the Group Chairman Mr. Daya Gamage such as;

  • Providing regular and systematic education, training and career guidance programmes for younger generation for their professional development.
  • Offering scholarships for children who have lost their fathers in their service to the nation and to under privileged students of war affected areas in Ampara and Moneragala Districts who have secured good results in Grade 5 scholarship and G.C.E. (O/L) examinations
  • Providing funds to enhance sport facilities as well as competencies for personality development of younger generation.
  • Conducting job oriented training programme and career guidance for job seekers and school leavers.
  • Providing facilities and guidance to younger farmer generation and entrepreneurs to perform their cultivations and business attractively.
  • Renovating places of religious importance in Digamadulla District
  • Cooperating and assisting in the renovation of roads, bridges and culverts in difficult areas of district, when necessary.

Dayasarana Development Foundation contributed to form the World’s first Cattle sanctuary on 3rd August 2008, in Kovul Ara, with the guidance of Hon. Dr. Omalpe Sobhitha Thero, Chief Advisor to the Bodhiraja Buddhist Foundation plans. Development of the roads in the Sanctuary area of approximately 200 acres and building of sheds for animals etc. are some of the work done by the Dayasarana Development Foundation.

The Foundation has secured its position as one of the most well-known and exemplary organization which serves numerous benefits to its members and to the society