About us

In 1984, Daya Group (Pvt) Ltd commenced operations, starting out initially as a construction company. Over the years, it has expanded into one of Sri Lanka’s pre-eminent privately owned conglomerates, continuing to grow through strategic investments. While having a strong emphasis on quality and performance, our company strives to achieve excellence in customer satisfactory.

The competency and commitment of our well-trained and motivated employees is at the core of all of our achievements. Daya Group proudly presents itself as a leading enterprise in several areas of business including apparel manufacture, construction, transport, fashion, micro-banking, household and consumer electronics, agriculture cultivation, plastics,packaging, printing, aviation and tourism.

Today the group consists of over 4,000 employees, generating a turnover in excess of Rs. 5 billion.

Corporate Social Responsibility holds a special place in the business with the DayaSarana Fund having conducted numerous large-scale projects across the island including Tsunami relief, housing projects, scholarships to students and internship programs.


Our Vision

To Uplift the rural Economy


Our Mission

To harness the creativity of our employees, enabling us to attain our goals and fulfill our aspirations whilst achieving sustainable levels of growth for stakeholders, through excellent customer centered business activities.



The son of renowned businessman Mr, K.G. Francis of Thirangama, DayaGamage began his lift, amidst a series of tragic events. Unfortunately for Mr. Gamage and his 5 siblings, they lost their father in 1964 followed shortly by the unexpected death of their mother in 1976. At the time, Mr. Gamage himself was only 6 years old.

His uncle took the family in, becoming their sole provider but in 1975, he too passed away due to a heart attack, shortly after Mr. Gamage completed his Ordinary Levels. Over the passage of two years, the family of six struggled to make ends meet. The eldest brother, Gamini realised that in order to support their three sisters and youngest brother, he and Daya would have to become the breadwinners of the family. The two brothers decided to venture out to Ampara in 1977. Due to this, Daya Gamage’s dreams of becoming an engineer were dashed as he was unable to sit his Advanced Levels at that time. They had only 70 rupees between themselves and an empty hotel building previously owned by their father. Thus, Hotel Delicia was born the same year and in the process of purchasing provisions to run the hotel, the brothers discovered exactly whom they were sons to.

Based solely on the reputation of their late father within the community, the two brothers were able to run the business on credit. A bakery, textiles and grocery were later added to the hotel as well.

Daya soon came to the conclusion that if he was ever to reach his fathers’ level of greatness, he had to diversify and utilise his array of talents. He decided to invest in paddy cultivation in 1980 followed by poultry farming in 1982. The year 1984 impacted the young entrepreneur in several ways. He lost his brother and fellow business partner Gamini, who passed away at the young age of 24 years. Simultaneously, he bid farewell to the poultry business and entered into the construction industry.  The decision to leave the poultry business was mainly because Daya, as a devoted Buddhist, could not abide to the killing of over 5000 birds that was deemed necessary in order to continue the business. But while the poultry enterprise plummeted, it prompted the acquaintance between Daya and his future wife, AnomaGunaratne, who was working as the new veterinary surgeon in Ampara.

Daya quickly made quantum progress with his construction company, Daya Construction (Private) Limited. The company had a great inception, with the construction contract to build the 55 km Ampara – Mahaoya Road. This was a historic occasion in Sri Lanka’s construction industry, as it was the first World Bank funded road sector development project ever awarded to a local contractor.

Daya soon submerged himself in the business arena and in 1992, he entered into the garment manufacturing industry under late President Premadasa’s 200 ‘garment factory programme’. Daya Apparel Export (Private) Limited now has well-established 07 factories in Ampara and Sevanagala providing employment to over 4,000 people.

In 2002, Daya Group purchased Sevanagala Sugar Industries Limited which was running at an operational loss of over Rs. 150 million annual. Within a short span of 2 years, the management team transformed the business, improving its capacity by 300%.

The investment in a six seater aircraft catapulted the start of Daya Aviation (Private) Limited. In 2008, Daya Aviation managed to purchase a 19 seater aircraft, which currently operates in the USA.  Daya Group today has as an excellent management team, focused on ensuring the continued financial sustainability of the Group with key individuals managing each subsidiary within the Group.