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Trace the remarkable journey of Daya Group of Companies, characterized by innovation and growth.

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Explore how we're making a difference beyond business, empowering communities and fostering social impact.

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Ready to embark on a journey of inspiration and impact? Dive into our About Us section to uncover the heart and soul of Daya Group Of Companies. Join hands with us as we continue to build a legacy of empowerment and progress.

Discover the heart of Daya Group Of Companies. Join us in our journey of empowerment and progress.

Daya Gamage

Mr. Daya Gamage

Chairman; Founder
What We Do

Driving Positive Change Through Diverse Endeavors

At Daya Group Of Companies, we are dedicated to driving positive change through our diverse endeavors. From construction to aviation, we innovate and excel across various industries, shaping a dynamic business landscape and leaving a lasting impact on communities worldwide.

Innovative Solutions

We pioneer cutting-edge solutions across various industries, setting new standards of excellence.

Community Empowermen

Through our initiatives, we uplift rural areas, empower women entrepreneurs, and foster inclusive growth.

Legacy of Excellence

With a rich history of success and a commitment to social responsibility, we continue to shape a brighter future for all.

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Legacy of Excellence

Explore our rich history spanning decades of innovation and

Community Empowerment

Learn how we uplift communities and create opportunities for

Vision for the Future

Experience our commitment to excellence and social responsibility as

The Daya Group Family Portrait: Unity in Diversity

Unveiling Our Collective Brilliance: The Daya Group Family Portrait

Witness the synergy of innovation and excellence as we present a captivating image showcasing the diverse array of companies united under the Daya Group umbrella. From construction marvels to pioneering aviation services, explore the dynamic tapestry of our ventures and the collective impact they make on industries and communities alike.

Explore Our Legacy

Unlock Our Story: Download the Daya Group Profile

Explore Our Diverse Ventures

Enter the World of Daya Group Companies

Explore the diverse ventures of Daya Group, where innovation, integrity, and social responsibility converge. From construction marvels to pioneering aviation services, each embodies excellence and leaves a lasting impact. Join us in shaping a brighter future.


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Tel : +94 11 7515 380
Fax : +94 11 4308 661
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